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How This 32 Year Old Entrepreneur Got So Much Publicity and Media Attention 
that he Became a #1 National Bestselling Author, 
and Added $1.8 Million Dollars per year to his Business in the Process
If you want to...

  •  be featured in top tier media outlets
  •  get more credibility
  •  get more leads and sales
then watch the video below...

“It’s turned out that podcasts, with Esther’s help, has been arguably the most effective channel for me in getting our book out there, so building awareness for the book, and more specifically, actually pre-selling copies of the book before we actually launched.” 

~ Ryan Levesque, author of Ask
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Hi, my name is Esther “Pinky” Kiss and I want to share with you how exactly we got one of my clients, Ryan Levesque a TON of publicity and media attention, how he became #1 National Bestselling Author, and Added 1.8 Million Dollars per year to his business in the process.
If you’re an expert, entrepreneur, business owner or non-fiction author 
and would like to get these kinds of results for yourself, 
then read here exactly how we did it for Ryan Levesque...
Positioning yourself as the go-to authority in your industry 
is critical to success.
 You need to be seen in the media, so that you can get the credibility by being associated with major brands such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, etc; being interviewed on TV and radio, and on podcasts that have specific audiences super targeted to your niche.
And this is exactly what we did with my client Ryan Levesque, author of the #1 national bestselling book, Ask.

I worked with Ryan for eleven months on his book launch, and it became a #1 national bestseller - number one on the LA Times list, Publishers Weekly, Amazon (ALL of Amazon, not just a sub-sub-sub category), and so much more...

Over the course of the year we sold over 50,000 books and added over $1.8 Million dollars per year to his business b/c of the backend sales. 

Ryan Levesque Became a #1 National Bestselling Author

We worked with Ryan Levesque, author of the new book Ask on his book launch. 

The book became a #1 national bestseller (LA Times, Publishers Weekly, etc), #1 on Amazon in all books, and Inc Magazine named it the #1 Marketing Book of the Year.

 $1.8 Million / Year in New Revenue...

We added over $1.8 Million / year to Ryan’s business because of the backend sales: a SaaS product called Survey Funnel, bundled with his online membership site, the Next Level Mastermind group. The bundle is offered as an upsell to the book, and it’s priced at $97 / month.

This incredible success was possible because Ryan used just the right combination of doing mainstream publicity (TV, business publications such as Inc, Forbes, and more) and laser focused niched media (predominantly podcasts) to gain credibility and exposure to his perfect ideal target customer through the media interviews.
We’ve also worked with Ryan on his second book, Choose, which became a bestseller (tens of thousands of copies sold), and earned him the title Book of The Month from the New York Public Library.
"I really appreciate the help and I know the team got a lot of value out of you..." 

~ Gary Vaynerchuk, NY Times Bestselling Author, CEO of VaynerMedia
"Esther Kiss is awesome! She's my go to person when it comes to podcasts and connecting with influential people. If you want to blow your network the F up, hit her up." 

~ AJ Mihrzad, author of The Mind Body Solution and founder of Online SuperCoach
“Esther has an incredible desire and ability to just give value over and over again, and is why I consider her a friend and somebody who I look to when it comes to connecting to others of great influence.” 

~ John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur On Fire
"Esther, very impressed with what you've put together at Born To Influence. It's exciting to have someone else serving the expert space, especially someone so gifted." 

~ Jason Gracia, author of Shifting the Balance
"Esther Kiss is the real deal! She has landed me amazing media features & connected me with so many powerful influencers, some of which I have done big business with, leading to generating tremendous income for my business. Talk to her ASAP - I cannot recommend her enough." 

~ John Dennis, CEO, Vx3 Digital
“If you’re looking to gain a level up in your exposure… Esther Kiss is without compare.” 

~ Jeff Moore, founder of the Thursday Night Boardroom
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